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‘The Cat Who Ran’ is a production that our reporter Norifumi Hida participated. It performed in Unicorn theatre in London from February 12th to March 8th.

Credits are
Story by Naoko Kudo, adapted by Toyoko Nishida, translated by Yuriko Kobayashi
Cast: Gehane Strehler, John Cockerill, David Smith, Samantha Adams
Director: Tony Graham

“Assimilation and Verfremdungseffekt in Storytelling”

By Norifumi Hida

The Unicorn Theatre in London produced the show called The Cat Who Ran between 12th February and 8th March. It was an adaptation from the Japanese story written by Naoko Kudo, a contemporary Japanese port and writer of children’s stories. This project started when Tony Graham, the artistic director of the Unicorn Theatre and the director of this production, saw the other show, based on the same story, produced by the ART in ASIBINA, N.P.O. in Japan. The show impressed him and made him produce the British version of the show in London. Therefore, he used the text adapted for her show by Toyoko Nishida, the artistic director of the ART in ASIBINA. As I joined this production, I would like to write a report on what it was like and my impression of the show here.

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by Megumi Tomita – Feb 5th, Okinawa, Japan.

Big applause went on and on and on… Children on stage, their teachers and families in auditorium all smiled. 

Last November, at the community center of Tomigusuku city in Okinawa, the 14th Tomigusuku Warabintya festival was held. – ‘Warabintya’ in Okinawa dialect  means ‘Children’. The festival presented children’s activities at the school or after-school club in their local community. Children of elementary schools, preschools, and even nursery schools participated in the festival.

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