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‘The voyage’ by Kijimuna Dance & Music Troupe was invited to Sydney Opera House.

Kijimuna Dance & Music Troupe is the official group of Kijimuna Festa.

The troupe had performed in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, Spain, Denmark and Australia, including ASSITEJ World congress and performing arts festival 2008.

8 time performances at Sydney Opera house were a big success!

Audiences were mainly school groups, age of 3 to 10 year old children.

They enjoyed the performance and singing and dancing together.


The 2nd UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education, the largest global event in the field, took place in Seoul from May 25th to May 28th with some 2,000 participants coming from here and abroad.

 The first conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006, where the significance and value of arts education was underlined and expressed in the “Road Map for Arts Education.”

 The second conference focused on encouraging the implementation of the “Road Map.” Furthermore, the meeting in Seoul targeted the socio-cultural dimensions of arts education and reinforce the importance of research.

 The conference in Seoul was expected to contribute to the development of new strategies and strengthen collaboration between its main participants ― national authorities, local governments, teachers, artists, researchers, associations and NGOs ― to work together to reinforce the importance of arts education in schools as well as within society.

 Korea has promoted arts education as a primary policy agenda since 2000. It expressed its wish to host the 2010 conference on during the session in Lisbon, recognizing the need for global expansion of creativity in education through culture and art.



Okinawa Japan  17 – 25 July 2010



Kijimuna festa, the International Theatre Festival Okinawa for Young Audience, celebrates its sixth year in 2010. The 2010 festival will be held from the 17th to 25th of July.


Through experiencing the world’s great performances and participating in workshops led by artists, it is our goal that children, the leaders of the next generation, become friends with each other through mutual respect and understanding. This festival aims to provide such an environment where they can grow in sensitivity and creativity. Through this great opportunity for the children of Okinawa and its citizens to communicate with people from all over the world, Okinawa itself would like to contribute to world peace though the Okinawan spirits of Ichariba Choodee – one meeting makes us all siblings – and Bankoku no Shinryo – to be the bridge that connects the world. It is perhaps true that Okinawa is not yet world famous for its peace mission due to the presence of one of the largest active American Military Bases. Therefore, considering the size of the island on which such a proportionally substantial base is situated, not only our shows but also our symposia and seminars dedicate great attention to the mission of world peace.



ATYA[Asian Alliance  of  Theatre  for Young Audience]

Kijimuna Festa forms part of the ATYA network.

The festivals in the ATYA member cities are as follows:

▪ Taipei  5 July – 8 August 2010

▪ Okinawa  17 July – 25 July 2010

▪ Seoul  24 July – 1 August 2010

▪ Osaka  31 July – 8 August 2010