Welcome to the Asia Networking Newsletter blog!

This blog is for creating effective communication among artists in the field of Theatre for Children & Young People in different regions of Asia. It was initiated by ASSITEJ Korea & vice president of ASSITEJ International, Young Ai Choi. The blog aims to share current news and recent developments of TYA (Theatre for Young Audience) in each sector, to attempt deeper understandings of each country’s new and old theatre forms, to introduce young newcomer practitioners and festivals, and to learn from each others activities. It hopes to be a practical bridge for future cross cultural collaboration and a good community for Asian theatre artists to disseminate significant voices in ASSITEJ International and world TYA.

If you 1) are currently working as a TYA artist in Asia, 2) are interested in what kinds of activities are happening in other Asian countries, 3) want to meet various theatre artist in Asia and 4) have your own great interesting stories or want to introduce your theatre company, festival, or projects, then you are more than welcome to participate this blog! Please get on board and share your stories! You can either contact your own country’s correspondent or be a reporter yourself. 

We are hoping to embrace entire Asia, from East to Southeast, Southwest, Central, and Southern Asia.  

This blog will be operated in English. If you are having a little difficulty in English, please contact the proper correspondents.

Looking forward to hear your voice soon!