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Okinawa Japan  17 – 25 July 2010



Kijimuna festa, the International Theatre Festival Okinawa for Young Audience, celebrates its sixth year in 2010. The 2010 festival will be held from the 17th to 25th of July.


Through experiencing the world’s great performances and participating in workshops led by artists, it is our goal that children, the leaders of the next generation, become friends with each other through mutual respect and understanding. This festival aims to provide such an environment where they can grow in sensitivity and creativity. Through this great opportunity for the children of Okinawa and its citizens to communicate with people from all over the world, Okinawa itself would like to contribute to world peace though the Okinawan spirits of Ichariba Choodee – one meeting makes us all siblings – and Bankoku no Shinryo – to be the bridge that connects the world. It is perhaps true that Okinawa is not yet world famous for its peace mission due to the presence of one of the largest active American Military Bases. Therefore, considering the size of the island on which such a proportionally substantial base is situated, not only our shows but also our symposia and seminars dedicate great attention to the mission of world peace.



ATYA[Asian Alliance  of  Theatre  for Young Audience]

Kijimuna Festa forms part of the ATYA network.

The festivals in the ATYA member cities are as follows:

▪ Taipei  5 July – 8 August 2010

▪ Okinawa  17 July – 25 July 2010

▪ Seoul  24 July – 1 August 2010

▪ Osaka  31 July – 8 August 2010


 Many Performing Arts for Children!

 This year, International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young Audience Osaka will renew its name as ‘Theatre Arts for Children and Teens,TACT/FESTIVAL’   fourth time in corporation with Soul, Taipei and Okinawa around same time.  As well as our festival network in Asia, a new festival network with in Japan will start from this year. TACT/FESTIVAL will travel through out Japan – Biwako, Osaka Matsumoto and Tokyo.

 We are hoping that children who will lead the next generation could foster their rich sensibility and creativity through excellent theatrical performance and puppet shows of the world, international collaborative works of Japan and Korea and many kinds of seminars and workshops.


 TACT/FESTIVAL OSAKA, Theatre Arts for Children and Teens


July 31st sat., 2010 – August 8th sun., 2010


Asahi kumin Center,

Asahi Library

Asahi Children’s Park ,

Asahi Geijutsu Souzoukan,

Theatre Brava! 


Recognizing that children are the future of the world, the aims of the Festival are:

to provide world-class performances for children, in order to bring up their rich sensibility and creativity.

to promote exchange between peoples of diverse cultures and celebrate their diversity.

 Osaka is a city that has brought improvements by welcoming diverse cultural influences, particularly from the East Asian Diaspora. We seek to promote cultural exchange in order to create an international society of mutual understanding and harmony. The festival will provide children with opportunities to share ideas with peoples of diverse cultures and celebrate their diversity.  Cultural exchanges will promote a spirit of coexistence and mutual appreciation, not just for the arts but for the vast body of human thought and vision.

 We offer multi-faceted performances designed to share the joy and passion of performing arts with people around the world. We are committed to deepening mutual understanding and friendship between countries, with international art exchange projects that go beyond nationality, race and language.


Executive Committee for TACT/FESTIVAL International Theatre Arts for Children and Teens


  International Programs

ECHOA (Dance/ Companie Arcosm / France)

Nobody called Elise (Play / Theater Metronom/ Germany)

Robinson & Crusoe (Play /Meridiano Theater /Denmark)

Les Moutons (Play, Mime/ CORPUS/ Canada)

LAVA (Play/Studio ORKA/Belgium)

Boxy George (Puppetry/ Teater Refleksion/ Denmark)

  Asia Focus

Viet Nam Water Puppetry Program (Puppetry/ Viet Nam Puppetry Theatre Company/Viet Nam)

 Goodbye to me (Play/ Play BST/ Korea)

Wayang Kulit (Puppetry/Hana Joss/ Indonesia)

Gamelan Music (Live Music, Dance/ Tetsuro Koyano, Michael Sakamoto,  Waewdao Sirisook)

  Domestic Programs

Hanna and Hanna (Play/ Kana Mikura, Mana Mikura)

LIVE! No media for children produced by Tomobe Masato (Reading and Music)


Green Monster (Play/ THE KIO COMPANY)

As You Like it (Play/ Canon Kikaku)

 Grave of the Fireflies (PlayPoplar Theater Company)

 Geumhangsan Tiger (Play/ Operetta Tomoshibi) 

Story Telling


 Your Personal Story (Theatre workshop by Claudio Morales, Meridiano Theatre)

 The Arts of being Sheep (Theatre workshop by  David Danzon, CORPUS)

 The body, the voice, and mind are the actors’ instruments (Theatre workshop 

 by Theater Metronom)

 How does a percussionist dance? What is the sound of a dancer’s body?  (Dance workshop by Companie ARCOSM)

 Making of Studio ORKA (Theatre Lecture by Studio ORKA) 

 ABC of Lighting (Lighting Workshop by Yann Becker)

 Express emotions with your body! (Theatre workshop by Fusako Ishihara)

 Let’s play together! (Theatre workshop by Play BST)


       Denmark Forum – Learn from Danish Theatre

        Theatre Critics Forum 

        Story Telling Forum

International Symposium      

 International Symposium -Toward New Paradigm for the Festivals for Children and

         Young People

Asia International Conference 

 Roles of ‘Children’ and ‘International’ in Public Halls 



Japan’s one of the most prestigious and popular theatre festival for children and young audiences, ‘International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience – Kijimuna Festa’ is opening for 9 days from August 1st to 9th.

Each performance will have its own personality. For example, some will be performed at such a small place where you can almost feel each other’s breaths and others that shows an exciting acrobatics in a large theater. The variations are more than you can expect and will fill you up with fresh surprises and heart-warming emotions. Experienced-based workshops are also available during the festa. Workshops will need a reservation but if there are some openings, you can just join them! Everyone ranging from small children to adults will be able to enjoy the performances. 

Read more very useful informations about this year’s festival below. If you are around in Japan during this period, do not miss the chance to feel the true joy of world theatre!

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by Megumi Tomita – Feb 5th, Okinawa, Japan.

Big applause went on and on and on… Children on stage, their teachers and families in auditorium all smiled. 

Last November, at the community center of Tomigusuku city in Okinawa, the 14th Tomigusuku Warabintya festival was held. – ‘Warabintya’ in Okinawa dialect  means ‘Children’. The festival presented children’s activities at the school or after-school club in their local community. Children of elementary schools, preschools, and even nursery schools participated in the festival.

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