What do you get in this newsletter?
Here are brief descriptions of each category.



If you manage, organize or plan educational activities for children utilizing theatre as a form, we would like to learn more about your work. Please share your activities. We are always interested in learning from other’s experiences. 



In here, you will meet many theatre companies for TYA working actively in Asia. If you want to introduce your company and company’s history, here is the place!



This is for updating about everything that is going on rapidly in TYA in Asia.   



There is no other event better than a theatre festival for theatre artists to meet and share their passion with their fellow artists. This is for introducing festivals in Asia. If you have a production that you want to promote worldwide, participating in festivals can be the way to start! 



Please let us to know about your production! We would like to see your unique creativity. Let’s share each other’s artistic point of view and grow together.    


* TYA: An acronym for Theatre for Young Audiences
* TCYP: An acronym for Theatre for Children and Young People