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Japan’s one of the most prestigious and popular theatre festival for children and young audiences, ‘International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience – Kijimuna Festa’ is opening for 9 days from August 1st to 9th.

Each performance will have its own personality. For example, some will be performed at such a small place where you can almost feel each other’s breaths and others that shows an exciting acrobatics in a large theater. The variations are more than you can expect and will fill you up with fresh surprises and heart-warming emotions. Experienced-based workshops are also available during the festa. Workshops will need a reservation but if there are some openings, you can just join them! Everyone ranging from small children to adults will be able to enjoy the performances. 

Read more very useful informations about this year’s festival below. If you are around in Japan during this period, do not miss the chance to feel the true joy of world theatre!

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In a modern city in the near future, scarred by constant construction and reconstruction, a small Korean girl is looking in a building site for her friend, a stray cat called Yoghurt. She meets two other children, both strangers and both from different cultures to her own. As the sun goes down their fear of monsters and concerns for a broken world take them on an extraordinary adventure; they dig for Brazil and climb above the moon. It is an encounter that will change their lives forever …

‘Looking for Yoghurt‘ is a production for children and young people that three countries (Korea, Japan, UK) are collaborating on. It started with a British director Peter Wynn-Wilson, and his relationships with Korea National University of Arts and professor Young Ai Choi. After the success of their first collaborative production ‘The Bridge’, they have launched another new project. Its scale grew bigger and more interesting when leading theatre producers in UK and East Asia joined: Birmingham’s The REP theatre and Hanyong Theatre Projects (UK), award-winning Korean theatre company Joyful Theatre and Okinawa’s world renowned festival of arts for young people, Kijimuna Festa (Japan).

This is a year long collaboration between artists from Korea, Japan and UK, bringing their skills, cultures and languages together. Simple but inventive staging, humour, live music and outstanding physical performances will characterize this original story inspired by the wisdom of children; The three young people overcome their fear of monsters and search for a brighter future.  

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